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Getaway House

Did you know there is a secluded getaway in the triad of North Carolina? I am hoping to partner with them, but for now, this is totally unprompted, unadvertised. I just looooved this experience! In a quiet forest, in Asheboro NC, there is a series of tiny homes scattered about. They contain a large bed, nested in next to a window that spans the entire wall- giving you a chance to cozy up with nature while warm in your blankets.

This beautiful couple reached out to me, and asked me to capture a soulmate session for them. Let me tell you- this location was just perfect. Just perfect. The tiny homes also include a shower, a small eat in kitchen, and are tech free! Giving you a true chance to unplug. They have a lock box for your own electronics and encourage you to really relax and find your center here.

These beds and little spaces, are perfect for so many of my sessions. Motherhood intimate sessions, postpartum sessions, intimate maternity, baby moon, or like this one- soulmate sessions.

I don't actually take on clients too often that are outside the realm of pregnancy/birth/postpartum but when I do, its for a very special reason.

These two were so full of joy, so much laughter, and their chemistry was relaxing and beautiful to be around. It was an honor to share this space with them, and to witness such beautiful raw connection as they shared.

They conveyed a beautiful aura of trust. Two soulmates who found love while supporting each other through grief. Both of their fathers passed away a week a-part, and they believe that their love was the final gift from their dads.

Ethereal. <3

Right at the end of their session, I was called away to a birth! They were so kind and we all laughed at the perfect timing.

I absolutely hope to be back here. If you book the getaway house in North Carolina, please reach out to me. I would love to help you honor whatever journey you're on. <3

Here are just a few of my favorites from this session.

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